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    Blogging… How Do You Blog?

    Friday, March 5th, 2010 by Will Elkadi

    Blogging can be a very useful tool for businesses. Not only does it give you more areas to share information, it also gives you more areas to enter keywords for your websites increasing search engine visibility. Blogging can be a very effective marketing tool.

    The biggest problem some people come across when creating a blog is not giving incorrect information, but rather not giving enough information. In that I mean thinking too hard and not entering enough posts or thinking too hard and leaving out information that should be in their current posts.

    The key to effective blogging is to write what you know about and keep it short, sweet and simple. Less is more within each individual post, and more is better for posts in general. Think of the audience and keep them interested. Make them want to come back for more.

    An average good post would be around 300 words… not more than 400… and definitely not in the thousands. Just think of what you would be interested in, and how long your attention can be kept. Most people do not want to waste too much time trying to figure out what they are reading, so get to the point and keep it interesting.

    Another thing to keep in mind is the actual content and tone. Content can be anything, but best if it is something you know about and do not have to do too much research on. This will help keep the blog posts flowing. The tone is important and does not need to be only professional (not to say do not be professional), but try to put some humor in it. People love humor. Also, this develops a common ground – a sort of relationship with your visitors and potential clients.

    So, keep it simple and keep us interested. Write what you know and know what you write. Before you know it the search engines will pick up on your keywords and so will the rest of the world. Make the best of the virtual real estate you own and you are bound to have happy viewers!

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