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Employment & Internships Opportunities

eLab Hosting is recognized for its expertise and experience in providing reliable and affordable Web Hosting Solutions, Managed Email Services and Secure Online Backups to small and medium businesses. We are proudly serving hundreds of clients around the globe in more than 20 countries from our Monterey Bay, California headquarters. eLab Hosting is constantly seeking career-oriented, multi-cultural, self-motivated, team leaders to join our developmental, sales and marketing departments.

In our efforts to support the local economy, we are only accepting job and internship applications from local professionals and students.

eLab Hosting Offers:

Competitive Compensation
Contract-Based Employment (Temp / Part-Time / Full-Time)
Casual & Friendly Work Environment
Flexible Scheduling Focused on Results

Please submit your application via email to [email protected], or fax your resume* along with the cover letter and objective to 831.886.6622.
*Resumes are only accepted as plain text (TXT) format. Attachments are NOT accepted.

Current Internship Program:

    • CSUMB's School of Information Technology and Communication Design

Interested students should first contact Dr. Eric Tao, Director & Chair of ITCD for approval and learning path plan.

"Every time I had a question about my email hosting, you were available for us. I can't thank you enough for providing us with a reliable email service..."

John Schweisinger, CEO

Turf Image, Inc.

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