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Online Backup Solutions For Home Users
Online Backup For Home Users

Secure your personal photos, videos, documents and everything else!

Do you have precious memories saved on your personal computer? Do you have a regular backup routine in case your hard drive crashes? Sadly, many learn the hard way because they do not have a regular, scheduled backup method. Even if you do back up, the task of remembering can be your ultimate demise. What good is an external backup if you don't hook it up to your machine? You have several options for traditional backup methods.

You Could...

  • - Burn a new CD or DVD every week
  • - Remember to hook up an external hard drive to your system every week
  • - Carry portable data drives on you at all times
  • - Do nothing and risk total disaster

Or You Could...
Let eLab do it for you. Set up a schedule and never worry about backing up again. You will have access to backup and recover your files all the time, including holidays, weekends and any other time. We also have redundant fail-safe servers to guarantee a backup of your backup and ensure access in the off chance of datacenter power loss or other natural disaster.

eLab Online Backup wants to protect you!
Call now for a risk-free 30-day trial -- NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED -- and discover how easy it is to securely protect your valuable data and never worry again.



eLab Online Backup | Home Users

Single (1) Computer Installation

  • Automatic & Scheduled Backups - schedule times to back up and let eLab do the rest

  • Open & Locked File Support - backs up files while open, in use and locked

  • New & Altered File Discovery - discovers and saves new documents and file changes

  • Outlook & Outlook Express - disaster proof email archival and protection

  • Incremental Backup - after initial backup, only new files are backed up in block increments to save bandwidth

  • 128-bit SSL Encryption - uses same technology as banks to ensure privacy during data transfer

  • 448-bit Blowfish Encryption - secures files while in storage ensuring data is safe from hackers

  • Quicken / Quickbooks / MS Money - backup important financial files safely and securely

  • Data Retention Up to 14 days - stores old backup files for up to 14 days

  • Easy To Use Backup Setup Wizard - web configuration and easy to use interface

  • Creates “Previous Version” Restore Points - choose from 'previous versions' of files for specific restore dates
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5 GB
10 GB
25 GB
50 GB
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