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Our Data Center
eLab Hosting provides the world-class infrastructure that is necessary to maintain your shared and dedicated Web servers 24/7. We operate our Cisco-powered Data Centers out of Clifton, New Jersey; Tampa, Florida; Dallas, Texas; with a fourth backup Data Center in London, England. Our Data Centers have been engineered to avoid any single point-of-failure in connectivity, power or HVAC. Since our Data Centers are not open to the public, you can rest assured that only a handful of highly trained and certified level-three technicians will be allowed within close physical proximity to your server.
Physical Security
eLab’s Data Centers are physically isolated from everyone except certified level-three technicians. Public access is prohibited. Access to the main floor of the Data Center is restricted to authorized personnel in possession of special military-grade identification cards. Furthermore, access to the Data Center itself is secured by Biometric hand scanners.
Conditioned Power
Power systems in eLab’s Data Centers are designed to run uninterrupted even in the unlikely event of a total power outage. All servers are fed with conditioned Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS) that will run even if building utility power fails. The UPS power subsystem is N+1 redundant with instantaneous failover in case the primary UPS fails. In the event of an extended power outage, an on-site diesel generator can run indefinitely. The generator is tested regularly to ensure that it will continue to function appropriately in the event of an emergency.
A Precision Environment
eLab Data Centers are meticulously tidy. All air is circulated and filtered every 90 seconds to remove dust and contaminants. The Data Center's Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC) system is N+1 redundant to ensure that - even in the event of an entire HVAC system failure - there is a duplicate system on standby to take over. An advanced fire-suppression system is in place to prevent any fire from spreading - in the unlikely event that one could start. All routing equipment and cables to servers are securely tied down, and cable racks suspended from the ceiling provide dual routes for all cables. In the event that all cables on a cable rack are cut or burned, packets of data will automatically be routed to a second set of cables on the opposite side of the Data Center.

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